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About Apex

Our Story

Our expansion in warehouse management systems combines new technical advancements with system automation to provide you with reliable real-time warehouse environment management.

Our greatest triumphs are the number of long-term clients who continue to place their trust in us year after year. Apex is a BBB-EE Level 1 certified firm that is committed to employee development and transformation.

Alan Richard founded the company in 2006, leveraging his experience in warehouse management and client-focused ideals to offer a comprehensive variety of solutions to warehouses of various functions and outputs throughout Southern Africa.

Apex is proud to be one of South Africa's leading warehouse management solution providers 15 years later, having earned the respect of both the community and the industry.
About Apex

Meet The Team

What started as a one-person team has grown into a full WMS (warehouse management system) provider. Today, Apex boasts a unique, integrated team dedicated to making the right recommendations and proposed solutions for your business, helping you avoid potential warehouse pitfalls.

We are dedicated to employing and developing best-in-class warehouse solutions experts who strive for continual innovation and a strong customer focus as we expand.


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Account Manager


Service Level Manager
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Our Values

Our customers are our partners and we always look for ways to help them improve and expand their business opportunities. 
It's one of the many things that set us apart from our competition. 

Our goal is to always make it easier to do more with less.

Committed To Continual Process Improvement Internally and With Our Clients

  • We offer complete peace of mind and take care of your entire Warehouse Management System, allowing you the freedom to focus on the core areas of your business.
  • Relationships are one of our guiding values. We don't only work hard to create a Warehouse Management Solution that works; we work hard every day to gain our clients' trust.
  • When our customers choose us, we understand that they're entrusting an essential part of their business to us. 

Our Purpose

Innovative & Targeted Warehouse Solutions

We understand the different demands of different warehouses and tailor our expertise and solutions to provide the best value.


We strive to be as reachable and tangible to our clients at all times, understanding the importance of service and the importance of your warehoused products. With us, you can be ensured of a successful outcome that begins and ends with managing our client's WMS (warehouse management solution) effectively.


We have a deep understanding of and expertise in Warehouse Management Software. Our dedicated team will take care of every practical aspect of your warehouse performance management software, strategically aligned with your business policy and business goals.


  • Revenue enhancements by meeting customer needs faster and more effectively.
  • Reduction in operational costs through operational efficiencies.
  • Capital expenditure reduction through the integration of operations into one optimally run warehouse.
  • Working capital reductions allowing you to receive and move goods faster.

Our Partners

When working on a project that needs inter-disciplinary skills, we choose to work with leaders in their fields.

This means that we, as a team, provide you with the best possible solution.
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