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Freight Intelligence

With Freight Intelligence we can offer both courier service providers and those that utilise those services the power to manage the delivery process. 

From a service provider standpoint FI manages the end-to-end process of collecting, shipping, and delivering on behalf of your customers and includes a comprehensive set of billing criteria that will meet all needs.

For those utilising the service of couriers Freight Intelligence provides the ability to predict, check and analyse spend, so that you can make better business decisions, allowing you to get the best value for spend with your providers.

Freight Intelligence
Setup of new IT systems is frequently challenging for businesses. To ease your concerns, we offer services to fully manage the setup of the system for your business. 
We will import rate cards and set up all route pricing and associated information allowing you to concentrate on running your business and learning how to get maximum benefit from Freight Intelligence.

FI Features

Locally developed and supported by the Simple Logic team in South Africa. 

Gives you control of how you are spending your freight budget.

Allows you to confirm accuracy of your freight contractor’s bills or the efficiency of your own fleet. It can also allow you to predict daily spend long before the bill arrives.

Powerful business intelligence capabilities give you the ability to view your freight information in any format you can think of. This allows you to see exactly how you spend your budget and identify potential upstream changes to order processing and/or warehouse operations which could lead to more effective deliveries and reduced costs.

Multiple billing options are provided in our billing engine allowing FI to cater for all known billing criteria in the industry.

Can be integrated to WMS and/or ERP systems to obtain a live feed of shipments leaving the warehouse. This allows for even greater accuracy in the calculation and analysis of your freight costs.

Allows you to perform simulations, by adjusting your existing contractor or fleet rates and reprocessing historical data. It is also possible to load potential contractor rates and perform comparisons between them and your existing suppliers.

Extensive logging of activities provides management the ability to properly analyse the information through reports and configurable dashboards.

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