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Keep Improving

Apex helps you to continually improving

Keep Improving

Are you ready for a warehouse management system?

Sometimes companies who are looking to implement a warehouse management system are really not in a position to benefit from one. These companies generally do not have good quality processes and disciplines in place.

We work with these companies to document existing processes, look at business needs and provide a road map to bring the business process, physical environments and business requirements into alignment.

At the end of the process the business will then be able to look at the software solutions that are available in the knowledge that there operations are ready to make best use of them.

Our approach involves:

  • Spending time with senior managers understanding your vision for the company and the high level view of the supply chain
  • Spending time with your teams understanding the “on the ground” processesto take too long to locate and pick stock for orders.
  • Mapping out all of the existing processes; both intended and actual
  • Determining where these are not aligned or optimised for the business
  • Providing assistance with creating new processes
  • Helping implement manual and IT systems to support these new processes

6 Steps to Continual Process Improvement

Apex helps our clients improve their warehousing systems and processes so that they can become truly world-class.  This does not happen overnight but through a formalised process of continual improvement whereby the culture of the business changes to be continually challenging the status quo and looking for ways to do things better.

Apex will develop, implement and facilitate regular team meetings with your staff where we work with them to identify areas for improvement and to implement these effectively.

This will mean that your business always performs at the very highest level possibly providing you with the added edge to keep you ahead of the competition and driving your customer service levels and profits higher.
The diagram aside illustrates the 6 steps.


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We help our customers gain a competitive advantage by creating a warehouse that delivers products quicker and cheaper.