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warehouse services for NGOs

Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)

We're a partner you can trust.

We provide NGOs with the WMS and business support they need to grow.

The Non-Governmental Organisations that Apex operates with exist to provide much-needed infrastructure and operational support in territories without the capacity and/or experience to provide these services themselves.

These organisations need to partner with suppliers that both have the skills required and the ability to deliver within these testing environments.

NGOs must account for every rand spent and therefore need to ensure that their suppliers are trusted and will back their promises with high-quality on-time delivery in these mission-critical projects.

We'll help you:
- Avoid reputational damage.
- Prevent human errors.
- Make work processes more efficient.
- Reduce unexpected incidents because the work is planned, automated, and surprise-free.
At Apex, we offer a complete range of NGO services, including:
  • Control over expiration dates
  • Control of batches
  • Serialisation
  • Integrated inventory management
  • Support for workflows
  • Automated procedure
  • Rapid distribution on a vast scale
  • Bagging and boxing
  • Wave planning in order
  • Route and delivery optimisation

Pharmaceutical corporations are collaborating with NPOs (Non-Profit Organisations) to develop novel technologies that enable secure and reliable product tracking throughout its lifecycle. There are numerous requirements for safety, traceability, hygiene, and, most importantly, temperature control, which frequently necessitate the use of customised storage solutions.

However, NPOs, particularly those with a mid-size or lower budget, frequently lack the resources or experience necessary to perform critical supply chain management responsibilities. Sourcing and logistics are two key areas that require experience and a high level of skill.

Our delivery in this sector is as driven as in any other sector, leveraging our years of experience to deliver exceptional results every time.

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