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Solutions and Partners

Apex helps you to choose the right solution for your business

Solutions and Partners

Take your distribution capabilities to the next level!

Apex specialise in implementing a range of warehouse management system (WMS) solutions to take your distribution capabilities to the next level and providing the key business information needed to make informed management decisions about what is best for your business. We handle the full life cycle of the project from requirements analysis, implementation, testing to on-going support.

In order to provide you with the best possible solution we have selected partners who provide a range of high quality systems that allow us to offer you the solution that meets your precise business needs.  Our partner’s solutions can accommodate in both price and complexity every conceivable warehousing requirement from small manual warehouses to some of the largest and most complex facilities in the world.

We take the risk out of the project for you by committing to fixed price implementations and strictly adhered to schedules.  This means that you can budget and plan with confidence.  We can do this because our team have years of experience in implementing warehouse and IT solutions for a wide range of customers and industries.

We also recognise that many systems fail over time because the partnership between the vendors and the client end when the new system implementation is completed and signed off. However Apex does not believe that should be the case, instead we see our relationship continuing with you so that we ensure that the processes and systems continue to adapt to the changing needs of your business.

Our provision of support and service levels is fully customised to meet the requirements of each individual client so as to ensure that your business and key processes are supported to the level required.


Made4net is focused on the development of Supply Chain Execution systems to meet the growing demand for modern, flexible and sophisticated solutions providing full functionality at reasonable cost. Made4net has therefore developed the SCExpert™ (supply chain expert) suite that sets new standards in the Small and Medium Business logistics operations. With two core components, of WarehouseExpert™ for the management of the warehouse/distribution centre and RoutingExpert™ for optimizing distribution, we provide an end to end solution.

The SCExpert™ application supports the wide-ranging needs of today’s supply chain. It provides the full functionality found in the high-end products in a standard package that is suited for any industry and size implementation.

WMS capabilities

  • Core
    • Receiving – ASN, blind receiving
    • Put-away – rules based, storage optimization
    • Replenishment – routine replenishment, hot replenishment
    • Picking – multiple picking methods
    • Loading – stop sequence, hot loading
    • Shipping – shipping documents
    • Inventory Counts – cycle, low limit, initiated
    • Task Management – resources optimization
    • Cross dock – flow-through & trans-shipment
    • Work Centre – kitting & assembly, repack, labelling
    • Automated storage and picking systems
    • RFID support
    • Voice Picking

Logistics Service Provision (3PL)

  • Client defined processes
  • Flexible flow of goods design: consolidation, flow through, cross docking
  • Configurable item properties and rules
  • Separated client data world - Security
  • Billing and costing
  • Client agreements
  • Profitability per client
  • Value added services
  • Connectivity through Integration suite

Integration Capabilities

  • Built-in server component for business processes interfacing
  • Adapter based integration strategy
  • Out of the box integration to industry leading systems
  • SDK for system integrators
  • Existing Integration to
    • Microsoft ??
    • SAP Business One
    • SAP R3
    • SysPro


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ConnXion WCS

ConnXion WCS is a flexible software solution that allows companies to make use of automation systems, such as conveyors, sorters, inline weigh scales, print and apply systems, etc.  The application provides the intelligence to route product and parcels around any automated solution based on a set of rules and high-level instruction from either your existing business or inventory systems.  In its simplest form it allows communication between high level IT systems and the low level equipment acting as a router and translator of messaging from one format to another.  At its most sophisticated, it manages the flows within your warehouse to ensure optimum use of the automation equipment to provide the most efficient and effective distribution of customer orders from your facility.

Locally developed and supported by the Apex team in South Africa.  Apex has years of experience in software development for automated solutions in the warehousing industry.

ConnXion WCS provides the intelligent link between the high level business systems, such as an ERP or WMS, and the material handling equipment managing the flow of product in your facility.

ConnXion WCS is built from a robust core developed to provide reliability, integrity and high speed communication between disparate systems.  All transactions are recorded in our database system in a way that does not impact the responsiveness of the system to demand in the warehouse. 

A modular approach allows the system to be quickly configured to work with any systems required by the customer’s solution.  Communication with individual IT and MHE systems is managed through plug-in adapters designed to work with each specific item of equipment.

A rules engine provides the ability to develop the specific sets of rules and conditions for routing of product around the automated solution.  ConnXion WCS maintains control of the flows ensuring optimum efficiencies are maintained in the facility.

Extensive logging of activities provides management with the ability to interrogate the information through reports and configurable dashboards.

Freight Intelligence

Locally developed and supported by the Simple Logic team in South Africa.  Our staff have years of experience in software development for the logistic and supply chain industries.

Freight Intelligence gives you control of how you are spending your freight budget.

Freight Intelligence allows you to confirm the accuracy of your freight contractor’s bills or the efficiency of your own fleet.  It can also allow you to predict your spend on a daily basis long before the bill arrives.

Powerful business intelligence capabilities gives you the ability to view your freight information in any format you can think of.  This allows you to see exactly how you spend your budget and identify potential upstream changes to order processing and/or warehouse operations which could lead to more effective deliveries and reduced costs

Multiple billing options are provided in our billing engine allowing Freight Intelligence to cater for all known billing criteria in the industry

Freight Intelligence can be integrated to WMS and/or ERP systems in order to obtain a live feed of shipments leaving the warehouse.  This allows for even greater accuracy in the calculation and analysis of your freight costs.

Freight Intelligence allows you to perform simulations, by adjusting your existing contractor or fleet rates and reprocessing historical data.  It is also possible to load potential contractor rates and perform comparisons between them and your existing suppliers.

Extensive logging of activities provides management with the ability to interrogate the information through reports and configurable dashboards.

Setup of new IT systems is frequently challenging for businesses.  To ease your concerns we offer services to fully manage the setup of the system for your business.  We will import rate cards and setup all route pricing and associated information allowing you to concentrate on running your business and learning how to get maximum benefit from Freight Intelligence.


The Matflo product suite is a proven, highly flexible array of fully compatible standard components/products covering the complete “Logistics” space- from classical automated and manual warehousing requirements through to a wider Supply Chain breadth. Its features are driven by real life requirements raised by our customers and then evaluated by our Product Steering Committee. Special for customer requirements can also be addressed in such a way to ensure on-going supportability throughout the lifetime of the solution. It is intuitive to use and highly configurable and flexible to meet our customers specific requirements.

With over 20 years of product development and approaching 500 different sites worldwide utilising Matflo, it continues to allow our customers to lead the field in their respective market sectors.

Matflo WMS offers the complete gatehouse-to-gatehouse functionality, allowing you to select the complete solution, or only the components that your operation need. It can integrate planning, operations, people and equipment to provide unprecedented levels of flexibility, labour efficiency and fulfilment accuracy in the warehouse.

We have standard solutions and builds to address both manual and automated environments, as well as specific industry sectors such as retail or pharmaceuticals. Matflo is underpinned by our modular and scalable approach to delivery.

Within an automated environment, in contrast to solutions comprising separate WMS and WCS/MFC, Matflo WMS incorporates automation control in a single operational system, delivering performance and stability benefits and providing a single point of accountability for overall system performance.

At a headline level our Matflo WMS offers:

  • Complete gatehouse to gatehouse functionality
  • Fully web enabled
  • Multiple language enabled
  • Automation ready
  • Picking technology ready- pick to light, pick to voice etc.
  • RDT independent
  • Fully validated solution for a pharmaceutical environment deployment
  • Flexibility around IT architecture
    • supporting multiple sites off one instances
    • multiple sites off multiple instances
Matflo Track

The Matflo Track Module for Materials Management combines the core functionality of the Matflo Warehouse Management System with the ability to manage material allocation against jobs.

  • Materials are tracked using barcodes and RFID tags to allow cost effective tracking
  • Certification and paperwork can be associated with materials and tools
  • Solution comes complete with an offline handheld mode that allows materials to be tracked where no network is available
  • Combined with the Enterprise Logistics Suite full traceability of inbound and outbound Material Movements can be delivered


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