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Since opening our doors in 2006, we’ve had the privilege to help many companies improve their WMS solutions.

With Apex, you get a full team, tested processes, and the know-how that drives results – fast and within budget.

Industries And Verticals We Serve

We're here to keep you ahead of the curve and make your life easier.

Find out how we can use our expertise to help meet your warehouse needs.

Warehouse Management Systems


With our world-class technologies, we will transform your warehouse into a facility that does exactly what you want, when you want!

We will:

  • Actively monitor your system
  • Ensure potential issues are flagged and resolved
  • Enhance customer experience

Advanced analytics and purposeful technology designed to maximise your warehouse's uptime


A multiple configuration software designed to optimise warehouse inventory and resources and equipment necessary to handle materials and merchandise, allowing greater warehouse efficiency and control within all internal processes.

Connxion WCS

Our Connxion WCS is a locally built application explicitly designed for the market in Southern Africa. It’s a flexible solution that connects your business’s higher-level systems to automated equipment, allowing your warehouse to utilise its team and equipment better, resulting in more efficient distribution and a streamlined order fulfilment process.


Our modular Matflo design utilises AI algorithms to achieve operational optimisation, enabling rapid digitalisation of your supply chain and bridging the gap between supply chain operations and enterprise resource planning systems. We use cloud-based software to save you money, time, and resources.


Apex has an impressive track record of securing large-scale deals and delivering high-quality, purpose warehouse management systems. You, too, can enjoy Apex's well-thought-out, secure WMS and benefit from a collaboration built on a firm commitment to excellence and industry best practices.
We've successfully done it for them, and we can do it for you!
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