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Win Customers

Improving customers service

Win Customers

Does your warehouse drive sales?

Have you stopped to consider how effective your warehouse is in supporting your sales team?  In most companies we visit the warehouse is not seen as being central to the success of the organisation and as a result it is frequently under resourced and poorly equipped.  In these companies we typically observe that

  • Sales are hampered by lack of ability to get the stock to the customer
  • The competition is doing it better to take too long to locate and pick stock for orders.
  • There are high levels of customer complaints about time and accuracy of deliveries
  • Shrinkage is eating into cash flow

At Apex we firmly believe that every company can have a world-class warehouse.  Many people think of world-class as being large scale distribution with sophisticated systems and equipment.  However, in our view world-class warehouses, come in all sizes and complexities but have five key features in common

  • Culture of continual improvement
  • Information driven processes, they know their numbers
  • Highly systematised, system not people driven, using the right tools
  • Dynamic, adaptable to changing demands
  • Highly trained and competent workforce

With Apex as your partner we can help you achieve world class status so you can have a warehouse that

  • provides you with the ability to deliver quicker and more accurately than your competitors
  • feels like a well-oiled machine, with all of the pieces fitting together in a way that makes you feel proud to be part of it
  • make it easy for your customers to order and receive stock
  • creates a loyal customer base

If this is something that you would like to explore further, contact us and we will show you how you can make this a reality.


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We help our customers gain a competitive advantage by creating a warehouse that delivers products quicker and cheaper.