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The Evolution of Warehouse Management & how Tech has Contributed

The Evolution of Warehouse Management & how Tech has Contributed

August 30, 2022

Warehouse management solutions have evolved from complex systems that require special skills to operate and maintain to automation systems that are more convenient to use and are more beneficial to the company. A modern warehouse management system integrates into the company’s IT landscape, improving response and delivery times and improving visibility. In addition, today’s systems automate and optimise warehouse processes to increase productivity so that companies can focus on other business areas.

In this article, we talk about how implementing new warehouse management technologies reduces the various areas of wastage typically seen in warehouses and creates a sustainable supply chain. Companies adopting these technologies will continue to gain as new and better ways of distributing goods continue to be incorporated into their warehousing systems.

Why warehouses should embrace Technology

The warehousing sector is adopting technology at a rapid rate to contain costs, increase efficiencies, improve profits, and deliver a delighted customer at the end of it.

Any warehousing operation that wants to become world-class must incorporate modern technology to stay competitive. Technology has become a strategic imperative because of the explosion in e-commerce, the increasing demands on warehouse executives to run efficient and profitable operations, and discerning and demanding customers (who expect to get the right product as quickly as possible in the proper condition).

The benefits of Technology on warehouse management:

  • Improved performance and competitive advantage. Technologically smart warehouses can reduce operating costs and increase profits
  • Labour efficiency. A Peoplevox report found that 46% of issues in retail and warehousing come from human error. Most of Apex’s clients concur human error is still a significant issue when it comes to the effective running of warehouses. That’s why Apex and its clients are looking for technology to transform warehouses’ operations.
  • Inventory tracking. Accurate inventory in a warehouse gives you the ability to make promises you can keep to your customers and allows for much lower safety stock levels, which in turn frees up cash reserves.
  • Predictive maintenance. Accurate data flow can give you a roadmap of what needs attention, helping you prevent bottlenecks and increase performance.
  • Eco smart warehousing. Technology and automation can help reduce a company’s pollution footprint to create a sustainable environment.
  • Satisfied customers. Ensuring on-time order delivery and matching the customer’s expectations leads to happy, repeat customers. These customers, over time, become advocates of your business, buying more and leading new customers directly to you.

Cut through the clutter

Warehouse technology is advancing and evolving at a blistering pace, and it can be a confusing trend to follow.

In our last article, 3 warehouse technologies to improve efficiency, we listed 14 technologies (automated guided vehicles, autonomous mobile robots, and Cobots, to name a few) transforming warehouses and their efficiencies.

So, you may need a guiding hand to navigate the complexities of using technology in your warehouse; this is where Apex excels; we eat, breathe and sleep warehousing and logistics.

We have the expertise and strategic partners to help our clients find the right-fit technology solution for them. So, reach out to us and let us help you find a warehouse technology strategy that works for your business.

Stay tuned to our blog for more information on warehouse management developments and how technology can impact your warehouse operations.

Apex offers WMS support and warehouse management consulting services for seamless supply chain operations and efficient inventory management.

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