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Every day, our team brings their expertise and hearts to work to build trusted, stronger results, relationships and outcomes with our clients. 

Everything we do is infused with innovation.
Warehouse Management services

Our Offering

One Company, Complete Solutions

Get fully integrated Warehouse services and full functionality from a single source. We combine all your warehouse management needs into one innovative and intelligent system.

At Apex we deliver solutions that provide for all aspects of your warehouse operations, from the simplest of manual approaches, through hybrid to fully automated solutions. Apex is one of the only local providers that can offer Warehouse Management and Warehouse Control Systems.

Proactive Service Level Agreements

The price we quote is the price you pay!

Our fixed project cost means you can plan and budget appropriately with complete peace of mind. 

There are no surprise bills. It’s a transparent approach that means, when we go the extra mile to secure a better performance option, it doesn’t cost you any extra.

Our Capabilities

Client Integration

Traditional businesses rely on multichannel sales. In the todays world you can provide increasing complexity through your IT system building and managing connectivity and integration through many different systems utilising multiple methodologies.

Apex manages this on your behalf leveraging our extensive expertise in real-time integration. We seamlessly integrate with automated event management to alert your operational teams to exceptions, allowing real-time resolution of issues.

We also provide full dashboarding and reporting and reporting, providing an through-view of all your client connections.

Principal Management

Our software solutions allow you to provide each of your customers with a distinct service utilising our optimally  configurable rule-based setup. This provides you with the ability to manage the receiving, storage, and shipping of each client’s inventory in a way that meets their unique requirement. Our tools also allow for personalised documents and labels, allowing you the ability of white-labelling our services, making sure your end-user/client experiences the best of you. 

3PL Billing Services

Our solutions include the option of adding our advanced invoicing and billing capabilities which allow you to track the activities that are linked to billable services, providing your clients with summary and detailed breakdown of the charges. And providing you with you clarity and understanding of where your billing and finances stand with your clients. 

Labour Management

It’s critical that warehouses make the most of every employee they have. Our warehouse labour standards solution, can help companies evaluate and refine the current employments processes, determine how they can make those processes better, and track progress towards labour performance and utilisation goals. Teams are an essential part of every organisation and need to be treated as such. 

Warehouse Activities

Our WMS (Warehouse Management Solution) provides all the core functions that you would expect from a best-of-class solution as well as providing:

Advanced Warehouse Management Solution features, including cartonization, task interleaving, optimised scheduling, cycle counting and more.

E-commerce enablement for optimised multi-channel distribution and seamless integration with technology, including voice, vision, IoT, shopping carts and carriers.

Optimal User Experience / UX – users can personalise their working environment with custom screens, dashboards, and workflows.

Configurable workflows that are driven by business attributes, including fixed and variable attributes, such as item, customer, vendor, location, lot, expiration date, serial, size, and colour.

Dynamic Route Planning

Our dynamic route planning solution helps you optimise distribution costs and come through for your customers. Using advanced routing algorithms and unlimited flexible user-defined business constraint rules, we can help you plan smarter routes faster, providing a robust ROI.

Delivery Management

With truck capacity issues the likes of which we’ve never seen and consumer expectations soaring, delivery management is more critical than ever. It’s a challenge to achieve on-time deliveries that create happy customers while keeping delivery costs on-budget.

Our delivery management solution has the power to help you schedule, track, verify, and collect data to improve your delivery metrics so you can strategise for efficiency.
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We work with you!

Before, during and after our projects we work with you as partners to ensure that the initial project and long-term outlook are a success. 

During design and implementation, we continually engage with you and your team to ensure that everything is as you expect at each stage.  At an early stage of the project, we provide pilot systems for hands-on training and familiarisation so that you can have design input throughout the project build phase. 

This means that there are no surprises when the system is delivered, and your team is already familiar with its operations allowing for a much easier and less stressful rollout.

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Business Process Improvement

We understand your business.

At the outset of any project, we spend time with you seeking to understand your business and the role that your warehouse plays in it. As a business process improvement consultant, we look to define your key business drivers, strategic objective, and definitions of success to ensure that when we deliver, we are delivering a solution of real business value to you.

We are committed to:

  • Getting to know your warehouse inside out so we can determine the best way forward.
  • Providing the foundation for a lifelong relationship based on trust and integrity.
  • Positioning your warehouse as a top player that surpasses all competitors
  • Maximising the uptime of your system.
  • Actively monitoring your system, ensuring potential issues are flagged and resolved.
  • Identifying and solving problems in your warehouse and distribution services, as well as your broader supply chain.
  • Guiding you on the best ways to improve performance.
  • Reviewing your systems on an ongoing basis.
  • Responding to queries quickly and comprehensively.

Customer Care and After-Sales Service Isn’t a Strategy;
It’s a Culture.

We have built a strong army of loyal customers who trust us to deliver on our promises. Our customer-centric business model means you always come first. We identify what our clients want and do our utmost best to fulfil their needs and requirements with the products and services we offer.

Our approach is distinctly innovative while providing warehouse management consulting services. Partnered with internationally recognised software brands, our in-house development team constantly seeks new ways to increase warehouse performance management. We make the most of recent advancements in integration solutions, down to the tiniest of details.

Work with Apex, and you’ll work with seasoned professionals – vigilant of deadlines and committed to exceeding client expectations.
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