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Warehouse Control Systems and Their 7 Benefits

Warehouse Control Systems and Their 7 Benefits

December 14, 2022

Imagine having access to software that automates your facility’s routine processes. Automated warehouse management systems can do just that for you, allowing you and your management team to spend your time on the things that matter in your business. 

How would it feel if you could fast-track your agenda of cutting costs, increasing productivity, having satisfied clients, and increasing your competitive advantage? As a supply chain and warehousing leader, we’d imagine that it would excite you to be able to do this.

The good news is that it’s already possible! 

That is if you integrate a warehouse control system (WCS) into your warehouse management system software. A well-integrated WCS is a worthwhile investment because of its ability to manage all automated elements of a warehouse and increase efficiency in operations.

What is a Warehouse Control System (WCS)?

Whilst warehouse management systems (WMS) focus on broad processes like labor management, orders, and shipments, warehouse control systems (WCS) are real-time integrated control solutions. 

Warehouse control systems manage all the automated elements in a warehouse, including the flow of items, totes, and pallets on conveyors, sorters, and the like. A WCS brings together all the automated equipment within the warehouse to provide the most effective overall solution allowing you to distribute your goods to your customers faster and more accurately.

Benefits of a warehouse control system in a highly automated environment

The following benefits make a WCS an attractive option for your current warehouse management solution:

  1. By coordinating the movement of all the automated equipment, the WCS ensures maximum effectiveness of equipment, improving operational efficiency
  2. It helps to eliminate errors in complicated processes.
  3. It facilitates smooth end-to-end workflow amongst warehouse workers and equipment.
  4. It enhances product routes and resource assignment
  5. It Improves visibility in day-to-day tasks
  6. It Increases the efficiency of material handling sub-systems
  7. It optimizes storage space

There’s no doubt that if you have a warehouse control system integrated into your warehouse management system software, the benefits are enormous. Unfortunately, however, not every warehouse solutions vendor can incorporate the two. 

Apex has integrated WCS and WMS over several industries in the last 16 years and is one of the leaders in this particular discipline. 

If you want to move to a partially or fully automated warehousing and distribution operation, reach out to Apex real-time solution provider for WMS support and warehouse management consulting services, for advice on integrating your warehouse management system with a warehouse control system in South Africa for seamless supply chain operations and efficient inventory management

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